Manufactures specialty aluminum compounds for cosmetic, water and waste water treatment.

Alufloc LLC is a newly established chemical manufacturing plant founded by technocrats and businessmen with years of experience in their respective fields. They are coming together to produce aluminum based inorganic products such as Aluminum Chlorohydrate, an ingredient in commercial antiperspirants and deodorants, and Polyaluminum Chloroide, a flocculating agent for municipal water treatment, industrial waste water treatment, and the paper industry. We aim to provide our customers with superior products to meet their needs while also maintaining the highest quality and safety standards. Quality integrity and goodwill are our cornerstones for success.


Cosmetic Grade ACH

Quality Ingredient for Antiperspirant and deodorant.                                                     

Water Treatment

High Basicity Flocculating Agent for Municipal and Industrial Water Treatment.

Water/ Waste Water Treatment

Efficient inorganic flocculating agent for Municipal and Industrial Waste Water Treatment.