Our cosmetic grade ACH which is sold under the ALCOACH-50 brand provides cosmetic manufacturers with a very high quality ingredient in the formulation of antiperspirants and deodorants. Our manufacturing experience and research has led us to a formulation which we believe meets the needs of our customers in the cosmetics industry. This product has very low iron content, exceptionally pure, consistent, stable, and suitable for cosmetic use for manufacturing of antiperspirant/deodorant.



Our Water Treatment chemicals which is sold under the ALCHLOR-50 brand results in reduction of overall treatment costs, by lowering and eliminating the needs for flocculating aids, reducing chemical handling and storage requirements. This products have the highest basicity available, high performance coagulant at lower dose for nominal alkalinity that is commonly used in both municipal and industrial water treatment processes to remove particulates and organic matters. This product is widely used in paper industries too.



Our Water/Waste Water Treatment chemicals which are sold under the ALPAC-1250 and ALPAC-3000 brand has medium and lower basicity, resulting in the most economical costs for municipalities and industries to treat waste water. These polyaluminumchloride aluminum based solutions have medium basicity and are good for wide range of municipal and industrial waste water treatment applications as a coagulant to remove phosphate and organic matter.


AL1820B series: (future product)

These polyaluminum chloride specialty polymeric cationic coagulants that maximize charge and performance in wide range of industrial waste water treatment applications to remove particulates, organic matters, BOD, COD and color to some extent.